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Monday, 6 July 2015

Set it and Forget it? Woman Leaves Weave in for Almost 2 Years Christina Patrice

It’s well after midnight, and I’m trying to figure out how to even start this article. I truly don’t know where to begin with this one. It’s not out of disrespect — I just truly don’t know how to start off an article about a woman who left a weave in her hair for nearly two years.
No typos there — her weave was installed in September 2013 and removed in June 2015.
I was scrolling on Facebook one night, and came across this post shared by Ty Alexander (Gorgeous in Grey):

Elite Strands, a private salon in Brooklyn shared photos and video across Facebook and Instagram of their client who received a total transformation after her nearly two year old weave was successfully removed. According to the post, the braided portion was once her weave foundation. As it grew out, new tracks were glued on to close up the top. After three hours of attempted detangling, the client agreed to get rid of the dead weight and negativity, and allowed the stylist to “big chop” her hair.

Immediately following, another weave was installed into the client’s hair, completing her transformation.
Many of us probably want to write this off as gross, negligent, and down right nasty, but something about this doesn’t strike me as merely being too lazy to do a proper takedown in a timely fashion. This is way more than protective styling gone wrong. That’s nearly two years of matted, tangled, dirty, glued up hair masked by quick fix tracks.

Something in me believes this extreme case leans more closely to being that of a mental health issue. A chronic neglect of personal hygiene is often considered a sign of depression. Far be it from me to diagnose someone through social media, but I cannot with a clear conscience believe this woman is just dirty or nasty.
Whatever her specific case may be/have been, I am just glad that Elite Strands was able to meet her needs, and set her on the path to feeling good about herself.


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