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Friday, 3 April 2009

How do I know my Hair type?

This won't cover the 'EXACT' match of hairtypes because there's hardly anyone in this world who doesn't have at least 2 different hair types on their heads. There are 4 different hair types which in turns are dividedd in different subcategories represented by letters. For example, most black/ mixed race people have hair type 3 and 4. Some have 3a, 3b, 3c or 4a, 4b or 4c hair types. Find out which hair type is yours. For more pictures click here.

It is also very difficult to be completely precise because our hair is very broad in texture and varies; it would be very difficult to find a correct photo of each. Please let me know if anything is incorrect and I will change it. THE 4'S One of the most common type is 4B. This hair type is wonderfully unique. No visible curl pattern/coil but from afar, it can resemble what I like to call "Cotton Cloud Full Of Wool" ^_^ Oh, yes, extremely soft to the touch but extra fine/fragile So don't comb CRAZY! Very delicate indeed (*pushes up imaginary glasses*) Stay away from evil ingredients such as Mineral Oil, Petroleum, etc, you know the drill. Satin bonnets are great. And to learn how to avoid knots click here.


4A. Easily susceptible to damage due to excessive combing. Combing hair dry leads to frizziness and open to breakage. Extremely Versatile And as always, keep moisturized! Limit your combing (use wide-tooth combs, bone combs are great, but not the thin ones; they RIP and TEAR your hair) READ the back of all hair products, mineral oil always sneaks in. Baggy, baggy, Baggy! BAGGY

  (she has highly-textured 4A hair)
(his hair looks styled this way also though, but I can still see his growth) ____________________________________________________

THE 3'S This hair type has many subtypes Can range from big ringlets, small ringlets, corkscrew, straw, to tight curls(curly lil balls). Okay, that didn't sound right, but at least I got my point across Pull it, stretch it, wrap it, and watch it sling back to its original state. Has a lot of body and volume, doesn't it? Easily absorbs water and has shrinkage when it dries. Always maintain moisture or can easily be prone to dryness/frizziness.. Keep it that way and you're asking for easy breakage. Limit combing, use a wide-tooth. Take the time to read all hair products, don't want to dry your hair out! Sleep with satin bonnet/scarf. 3 SUBTYPES: 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D(3C/4A mixed) __________________________________________________ 3A: (doesn't he look like "Hey Arnold"'s cousin?) 3B: (Highly-Textured 3B combed out into 'Fro, possibly bantu knotted also.) 3B/3C: (Highly-textured) 3C:
3C TWA:(combed out into Afro) 3C/4A: (below) ___________________________________________

THE 2'S This hair type is wavy. 2A is fine, 2B medium textured, and 2C is thick & coarse with a frizzy look. Needs a balance of both moisture and control. Versatile- can easily be styled to look


  2B: 2C:

THE 1'S This hair type is completely straight. No type of curl/wave pattern whatsoever. Can vary from extremely thin to extra coarse. Sometimes hard to keep certain styles-may fall during the day if doing various activities. Very sleek and shiny due to no curL/waVe which allows the light to reflect off of the hair giving it a shiny finish If 1's look dry and dull, it's most likely damaged. Fix that hair up! Deep-condition..wake it back to health. 1A:



What type are you? For more info and pictures click here!

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  1. I did enjoy watching all the colorful and awesome photos above..!!The different hair styles, I wonder if I could try all of those hair styles..hahah..Thanks for sharing it with us..Good job
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  2. Cool styles!But If I were to choose, I prefer having a straight hair..I am going to share this site to my friends.
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  3. I'm a 3C/4A. I love my hair! :)
    It does take a lot to care for it and hours to detangle, but hey! I won't trade it! :)


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