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Sunday, 7 April 2013

How to do Crochet braids


You know that I am a fan of Mamiky and I love everything about her, her hair is stunning, her site so full of great information and more. So I wanted to share with you this method for crochet braids that she is so kindly put together. 
Don't hesitate to visit her site.

There are now many techniques hairstyles that allow you to protect your hair with or without additions !
I come to you when you talk to the hook braid and give you references of brands that you can use to make your hook.

crochet braids-coiffure protectrice
Braid Hook is an alternative to weaving, I revisited in mode Afro because I was looking for a bit of texture which is closest to my hair, That's why I used the‘Afro Kinky Bulk de Camella (a brand that I knew because I had used to make me dive also dropped in African).
People often ask me the type of wick adapted to braid hook, For my part, I would advise the use of wick afro, curly, curly or wavy regarding the smooth I recommend weaving for the hairstyle takes as long as possible because the strands tend to slip.
I recommend this type of lock for the volume because it hides the glued mats made to keep the hook.
That's why I'm making this article to inform you about the different brands of locks that you can buy to make your braid hook.
Trick : You can also buy a weaving long enough and cut the woven part in order to make the crochet braid.


Afro kinky bulk-mèche-rajouts-coiffures protectrices-Brownskin-Crochet braids

  • Naomi Afro kinky
  • Camella Afro kinky bulk
  • Hair Technic Afro kinky bulk
  • Soft’n'silky Sensationnel Afro twist braid


freetress bohemian curl-presto curl-water wave-Futura queen 7000-Coiffure protectrice-rajouts-mèches-frisé-crochet braids-Brownskin

  • Freetress Bohemian curl
  • Freetress Water Wave
  • Hadora future Queen 7000


Freetress meche gogo curl-carol curl-presto curl-sweet wave braid-cozy deep-rajouts-coiffure protectrice-crochet braids-Brownskin

  • Freetress Gogo curl
  • Freetress Carol Curl
  • Freetress Presto curl
  • Freetress Sweet Wave braid
  • Freetress Cozy Deep


freetress romance curl-Deep loose appeal-Deep twist braid-rajouts-mèches-coiffure protectrice-crochet braids-Brownskin

  • Freetress Deep Twist Curl
  • Freetress Loose Deep Braid
  • Freetress Romance Curl braid
  • Freetress Loose appeal braid

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