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Friday, 18 May 2012


ApHogee is a line of protein based treatment for hair.

It is mainly used by black women to strengthen their hair. This line as it says on their website 'was developed as a serious approach to hair care. It has been proven that superior results require healthy hair with structural integrity and a proper balance of strength, elasticity, and smoothness. This is why ApHogee products include our exclusive PropHytamine Complex which utilizes precise levels of proteins, emollients, and humectants to achieve and maintain healthy hair'.
Whether you desire a hair product to maintain an everyday style, or desire a product to create a sophisticated look involving a chemical process, ApHogee can help. ApHogee products deliver exceptional results in the treatment of severe hair damage, and the correction of dryness, dullness, brittleness, limpness, splitting, and frizz. Please refer to our products page to find an ApHogee product for you.
Aphogee really works but don't forget to use a moisturising treatment or you will lose your hair.

In the UK Aphogee can be found everywhere even on Amazon at great value and with free shipping.
Buy Aphogee at


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