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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Combing mixed race hair

Mixed race like African/Carribbean hair is best not to be manipulated too much, that includes being combed. There is always the temptation to comb your hair when it is straight, after a relaxer treatment, or a blow-drying session  for example but you can resist the urge.
When your hair is not relaxed or straight it is definitely best to leave it alone. Here are some advice on caring for curly/mixed race hair.
1. Only comb when you have conditioner in your hair or if you are under a stream of water, it will avoid pulling your hair out! If you really want or have to comb your hair at any other time comb VERY GENTLY through with a wide tooth comb. Do NOT brush your hair at any time, brushes cause damage to mixed race hair especially on dry hair, brushing is good for caucasian hair because it helps distribute the sebum along the length of the hair strand. Black and most mixed race hair do not suffer from excess sebum on the scalp which is why, washing hair with shampoo everyday is not necessary.
2. You can blow-dry and flat-iron your hair (not right after a relaxer though) but make sure you protect it first because the heat process is VERY damaging to tightly coiled and/or curly hair. Your hair is already very dry by nature, don't do anything to increase the dryness or it will break and fall out and you will be left with no hair. Mixed race hair, just like African/Carribbean hair must be kept as moisturised as possible to avoid breakage or such disaster. It is best not to use heat to often, once a month or less is advisable.
3. After shampooing your hair. The best and easy way to avoid breakage or damage to your hair is to pull the damp hair back into a bun or loosely braided ponytail, or even two braids and let the hair dry on its own.
4. To hold your hair use plastic holders or cloth scrunchies or you can also cut piece of clean tight to use as hair holder, they are very effective at keeping your hair in place and do not pull or tear your hair out like the other holders do.
5. As your hair grows and becomes stronger and healthier, you can wear a loose ponytail everyday. You can also wear braids out and from time to time you can even have your hair loose.
6. To prevent breakage and keep the moisture in it is best to braid the hair at night( 4 or more braids) and consider wearing a silk or satin (or anything soft) scarf to bed, so that hair does not rub and break on the pillow when sleeping. Alternatively, you can also use a silk pillow, if you are among those who go to bed with a scarf on your head and wake up with the said scarf anywhere but on your head.
7. To avoid breakage and because the hair gets dry around the hairline and even more at the ends – make sure to apply a small amount of moisturiser like, you can do that right before braiding your hair every night.
Some good moisturisers: Africa’s Best Shea Butter PLUS Conditioner or Dark and Lovely Rich and Natural Hair Dress Hope this post has been helpful and you have found answers to your questions. Do not hesitate to leave comments or ask questions.
All the best.
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