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Friday, 3 April 2009

Chlorella and Spirulina

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This page essentially talks about green food, such as Chlorella and Spirulina. Both are excellent source of protein and do wonders to your general health.


Better Skin, Hair, Nails and Figure Chlorella’s exceptional high concentration of vital nutrients makes it ideal as a beauty aid. It improves complexion, strengthens nails and activates hair growth. Taken regularly, Chlorella restores the body’s natural inner balance to reduce appetite and promote weight loss. It has no wonder that Chlorella users not only feel healthier and have more stamina, but are also told they look younger.

Health Benefits of the Cell Wall Chlorella’s unique cell wall is one of the important factors which set it apart from the other green foods. The Chlorella cell wall has the remarkable capacity to bind toxins and cleanse the body of harmful chemicals and pollutants in the blood and lymphatics. The cells walls are also an excellent source of fiber which promotes bowel function and regularity, an important key to a clean and healthy colon. Another benefit of Chlorella’s cell wall lies in its complex component which stimulates the immune system to produce interferon. Interferon protects the body against infections from influenza viruses and has been proven to demonstrate anti-tumor activity. The tough cell call, while beneficial is not easily digestible. There is a spray-dried methods used in the process which disintegrates the cell walls without removing them, making the algae over 80% more digestible. This way, you reap the benefits of both the cell nutrients and the cell wall. 100 Natural Chlorella repairs, rejuvenates and restructures body cells to: Regulates bowelsIncreases resistance to infectionsIncreases stamina and energyCorrects nutritional imbalancesProtects against pollutionRetards the aging processImproves looks and overall healthPromotes stronger nailsGrows thicker, more lustrous hairCombats stress Green Inside, Clean Inside and Healthy Inside Diet high in fat and low in fiber are linked to colon cancer. Sluggish elimination results in digestive problems with toxic build-up. Toxins recycle in the body through the blood and lymphatics; this can lead to constipation, piles, poor organ functions and cancer. The bowels develop pockets (diverticula), the lining thickens, which slows down bowel movement (peristalsis). Chlorella nurtures the friendly bowel flora, the lactobacilli which promote digestive functions and peristalsis; thus help maintain, an efficient colon for optimum health. Research indicates that its unique CGF promotes weight and height gains in growing children. Its immunity-enhancing effects banish colds and flu, relieve arthritic conditions and hasten healing in gastritis. It has proven to be beneficial in lowering cholesterol and reducing high blood pressure. Chlorella also helps combat stress, pollution and halitosis. Its multi-nutrient complex makes Chlorella ideal for athletes and vegetarians. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- Instant Start Even more info. First thanks to Belle Reveuse28 Most of this is hers and I've just added to it as a bulletin point for those who are new to Chlorella. These are the check points until you have read the whole thread that can get you started instantly. I will constantly add pdfs to this and other items that Muse or others offer so please look to this post, and the second one, as I don't believe it will all fit here: [b]GO GREEN!!!!![b] So you've decided to Go Green but with the many posts here, you're confused. Well, we've sort of put together a "Getting Started" guide for you. Why Chlorella? Chlorella has not only the ability to grow hair at rapid rates, but also is amazing in it's ability to fight cancerous tumors, to regenerate cells, reduce high blood pressure, blood sugar, chloesterol, and includes every major vitamin, mineral and amino acid one needs to sustain life. Chlorella has every B-Vitamin, and all others, it also has more protein per serving than beef. In addition it's protein is more readily absorbable than any meat form of protein and is instantly usable by the body. What this means for you is instant nourishment for your body in the form of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals. It's high in amino acids, RNA/DNA building blocks for cells and the body, and sooo many other elements. It is a complete food. Chlorella is a food, and not a supplement, therefore, you can take as much as you want and what your body will tolerate.

It does have detoxing effects, and so, it must be introduced to the body slowly. It is a major part of the Asian diet, and it shows. Chlorella has been proven to aide in weight loss as it majorly curbs the appetite, and also creates the environment for the body to regulate the metabolism and loose weight. So if you're over weight, it will help you come down to a maintenance level, and if you're at your correct weight, then it will help you maintain that. Chlorella will not cause those who are underweight or the correct weight to lose, as it merely corrects the metabolism. Those with high metabolisms do not need adjustment in this area, so chlorella will go elsewhere where it's needed. It also combats food allergies. A food allergy is actually defined as a food item that when introduced to the body, creates a craving or the feeling to need that particular food whether that be wheat, sugar, or whatever. It causes a response in the body that turns it into a craving. As these cravings are actually allergies, Chlorella helps fight these allergies by removing the "allergens" or the response to them, and therefore, taking away the desire to eat these particular items. Many have testified to their dislike for sweets and junk food now that Chlorella has been intorduced to the body. Chlorella Binds to toxins and sucks them out of your system. This includes heavy metals. Chlorella also helps to alkanize the body so that it becomes a lean mean disease fighting machine. Chlorella is said to (after detox) regenerate the body and reviews have claimed to look and feel years younger. Spirulina Spirulina is very rich in protein, I've seen tremendous hair growth thanks to it.

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